Unsung Heroes – Worthy of Mention! Posted on November 17, 2018

By Tan Mariviv

Picture 1 – For Ultra Marathon, Mr Tan Choon Ghee has the best time ever by a local, he has done 110km in MacRitchie Reservoir in a single day, 7 am to 7pm. 

I will summarise what Mr Rameshon has shared on the history of Singapore distance runners, to me, and I have done some research on these people and will discuss a bit more in detail, later on.

Picture 2 – Mr Khoo (extreme left) in a running group

Mr Khoo Chin Poo, Mr Ernest Wong, Mr Tan Choon Ghee and Dr Bala were opponents of Mr Rameshon. However, there was mutual respect for each other and it is remarkable to hear this to this day. All runners let the legs to do the talking. 

While Tan Choon Ghee holds the best distance covered in a 12 hour run in MacRitchie Reservoir, he has done 110km, which is still the best distance covered by any local, for every annual MR 25 club year end ultra-marathon run. 

Picture 3 – Mr Rameshon (left), Haile Gebrselassie, Dr Bala and his students (in black t-shirt) Cheo, Eliza, Peggy.

Mr Khoo Chin Poo has gone for 1995 Chiangmai SEA Games and did 3hr 20min, while Mr Rameshon did 2hr 24min 22sec. For Vietnam SEA Games, Mr Khoo came under Mr Rameshon to be coached. Mr Khoo did 2hr 39min in 2003 Vietnam SEA Games. Mr Khoo has run non-stop 24hour run in China running track, in the past, for ultra marathon. 

Mr Ernest Wong has trained with Mr Rameshon, and the former has done 2hr 37min in Hong Kong Marathon. 

As for Dr Bala, he has run several races. It is with both runners, Mr Rameshon and Dr Bala, that Swift Club usually depended highly in winning the team championships. With these two runners in  the team, Swift Club always feel  assured of victory over the Gurkha continent of runners most of the time. 

I shall discuss in details, over time, as my intention was to summarise, first, on the greatness of Dr Bala, Mr Tan Choon Ghee, Mr Khoo Chin Poo and Mr Ernest Wong in this essay, for now.