Yoga and Chiro – Injury Prevention Posted on April 27, 2018

By Rameshon


Picture 1 – Headstand – It all boils down to good spine for good health

With affluence, people tend to be more in the comfort zone. There are people who may not want to exercise at all. Sickness and diseases are the outcome due to lack of activity. Due to poor posture and lifestyle people tend to get injury, especially at the knee area and the spine area. Many that I have come across say that it is due to aging, and some say that it is due to their wrong walking technique that has gotten them into trouble.

It is very important for many people to stay from injury, especially athletes, who take the sport more seriously, at the same time spending more time on it as well. Before injury comes, it is advisable to see health care people. You have medical doctors and those who have entered the market like bone setters,  chiropractic practitioners etc. Usually the medical doctors will dispense the client with medicine or may recommend them to sports physiotherapist.

There are bone setters who will bone set in 5min and will want you to go back home and rest. By resting and exercising less, they believe that the injury will be cured. How long the injury will be cured depends on how the body responds to the treatment.

Likewise, chiro is also good, especially when out body parts, organs, nerves are primarily connected to the spine. If the spine is corrected, everything will be in order. Our health actually depends on a good spine and it is a good idea to have a good chiro to ensure this. The good thing about chiropractic services is that it is efficient and it can perfect a bodily system and correct most of the problems. The only problem on chiro is on when the curing takes place. The chiro practitioners that I have spoken to told me that they don’t know on this. Some people that I had recommended to chiro told me that when they ask practitioner, they do not get a good answer to this. Above all, they complaint that they have to pay $90-$120 for a 5min service per week, sometimes per fortnight.

My solution to all these, after visiting North America, is that, it is wise to, firstly, take care of oneself. One actually has the time on hand to exercise and aligning the body is important. Chiropractic, Bone setting and Yoga are all about maintaining a good posture. Stretching the body is important. How they spend the time to do stretch is important.

Yoga forms a good platform for doing exercise, attaining good vitality, and to perfect the body to be well aligned, for one’s body. There are a number of exercises and the world at large know the huge benefit of doing Yoga exercise. Of the numerous exercises, head stand posture alone can actually align the body. It is the king of Yoga. One will attain good blood supply to the organs at the face and head area. The spine will be erect and the various joints of the body actually get some relieve, as one usually stands most of the time during the day.

An athlete in our group was tested for spinal check by school. It was found that all in the class were told to go for spinal check, except the athlete. I find the in my programme I incalculate yoga with deep breathing exercise as the reason for the athlete not to have any problem at the spine area. Yoga does help greatly. Above all, it is cheap, where one can do it at home, or before and after a run, as part of warm up.

For me, I usually do 4 sessions of yoga exercise everyday. It is done with deep breathing as well. My study done in Hwa Chong in year 2008 showed that the breathing per minute from 18, on average, went down to 12 per person for about 16 long distance boys. It was done as part of Projects Day by Mr Suresh and the students actually entered the finals of the projects day competition.

Another thing about yoga exercises is that my group of runners do not get injury. In Hwa Chong Institution , before a competition, usually I do not have any runner who gets themselves injured, especially just before a competition. This was all done with the magic of Yoga poses.

Edited by Tan Mariviv