Yoga Stretch – Groin Stretch Posted on April 30, 2018

By Rameshon



Picture 1 – Groin Muscle Strain

One of the many injuries that we may experience in sports is groin injury. Usually, we do not stretch the groin and this could lead to groin problems, and one will find it hard to do a workout and the timing will be off, as it is painful to run with the groin problem. One is forced to slow down in speed. 

If you trace back, one of the reasons for a person to get this form of injury is because of speed session, or an accidental sudden action that involves adductor muscle to go into a strain condition. Hence, when one wants to play soccer, rugby or any strenuous games, it is wise to do some exercises for that. Yoga practitioners like to do the groin stretch to avoid any form of groin injury. 

Once, if you have groin injury, as performer athlete, it is not easy to get a good time for a workout due to lack of mobility posed by limitation of movement at this area. There will be lack of progress in running performance time. As an athlete, I realised that compression helped me do well in running, while sustaining groin injury. However, you need an experienced person to advice and provide expert opinion on how to avoid this injury. It is also about what exercises will avoid this form of injury. 


Picture 2 – shows on what stretch can make one avoid groin problems. 

However, in order to ensure a smooth training programme, it is wise to do a groin stretch before any strenous sport. For meditation, to ensure oneself to sit in meditation pose for long, it is wise to do the groin stretch, and do with some time spent on this form of stretch.  I have attached a simple stretch so that one can follow, before and after a strenuous activity. 

Edited by Tan Mariviv