Coach Rameshon

Qualified in Coaching 

Track and Field, Soccer and Physical Conditioning for Strength Training. 

Coach Johnson

Qualified and certified basketball coach (Head), who has coached Catholic High School and The Chinese High School and has coached other schools as well. 

Coach Vincent 

Qualified and certified basketball coach who has been coaching a number of schools in nationals.

Coach Robert

Qualified Strength Training Coach and basketball coach


Assistant to Head Coach

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Note: If you are keen and have queries, please contact Coach Rameshon at 9100 4369 or you can email him at m.rameshon@gmail.com or swift.rameshon@gmail.com. Please refer to website http://flexifitness.com.sg (for more information on him and his programmes) By Editors of Flexifitness   Having good health involves being both physically and mentally healthy. In order for a person to