Our Testimonials

I dropped my weight by 10kg in 6 months under Rameshon. From a time of 2hour walk speed for 10km, my speed went to 1hr 20min with one year training. After another year, my speed for 10km is 1hr 04min. I can’t imagine that I can do this. Thanks to Flexifitness!

Balaji, Software Engineer

I was able to correct my posture and technique for running which keeps me out of injury. ​I also prevented myself from getting injured. I am finally able to do a time of 1hr 04min, after several years of doing 1hr 10min.

Srinivasan, Software Engineer

I was able to come in 8th in Women’s Open, between age 18-39 years of age, for my first marathon when I ran in Chiang Mai marathon race. This whole year, I have been consistently coming in top three for women open category in races between 5km and half-marathon. Thanks to Flexifitness Head Coach Rameshon!

Tan Mariviv, Athlete/Asst to Head Coach
(From 2013 onwards she has been with us)