The Importance of Health

The Importance of Health


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Having good health involves being both physically and mentally healthy. In order for a person to be physically healthy, it is important for them to exercise regularly and consume a healthy diet. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, one should engage in 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity (23-26 beats per 10 seconds) every day. By exercising regularly, one will be able to increase their vitality and immunity. Staying active helps them keep their heart and lungs strong as well as to maintain/increase their stamina, balance, strength, coordination, agility and power of their hands and legs. This will allow them to perform their day to day tasks without difficulty compared to a person who leads a sedentary lifestyle.



For diet, it is important for one to realise that “You are what you eat”. If you consume junk food, you would not be able to obtain the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals that your body needs. This would make you feel fatigued easily. Some may even start to gain weight. Hence, it is important to follow a healthy diet. Your diet should also include fruits and lots of vegetables. Instead of eating white bread and white rice, a healthier option would be brown bread and brown rice. For snacks, instead of munching on chips, one could eat mixed nuts.



Mental well-being is very important. If one is feeling very stressful, the person should find out the cause and do their best to reduce it. Stressful situations could be caused by work or home situations. Meditation is one way that one could use to relieve their stress. They will become calmer and their mind will be clearer which could help make better decisions. Another way is to engage in physical activity. Sometimes, you just need to take a break and come back later to be able to manage the situation better. Therefore, it will benefit one if they are able to find a comfortable platform to relief their stress. Some could listen to music, do deep breathing techniques based on what they are comfortable with and feels that it help them to relax.


Lastly, having good health will reduce one’s risk of developing chronic health conditions and other issues like depression etc. Hence, one should take care of themselves by consuming a healthy diet, exercising regularly and being mentally healthy. This will also benefit them in the future as if they are healthy, they would not need to spend money on medical bills and can save the money instead.



By Narayanan

Rameshon has taught in Hwa Chong Institution, plus several schools, and Republic Polytechnic as well. He has won many accolades and he was awarded Merit Award for 1991 marathon performance in breaking the national record of Singapore, at that time. He has made 22 male athletes do a marathon in sub-3hrs. He has made 7 female runners do sub-4 hours for the marathon, as well. He was inducted to the ‘Roll of Honour’  by the then College of Physical Education, organised by Singapore Olympic Academy, in 1998, for breaking the National record repeatedly 4 times, till he did 2hr 24min 22sec).

He also has a Coaching group and he trains them on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7pm at Botanic Gardens. Those interested can call him at 91004369 for coaching assistance, to improve performance. There is also personal training that he does for many in a week. You can e-mail him at

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